Monday, March 27, 2006

Oh, it's back.

Okay. I now like *TWO* Kelly Clarkson songs, YES I DO. I do. She or somebody near her is really good at picking catchy rock songs. It's weird to hear a female pop voice used the way hers is these days, and it's fun - I swear there's something 70s/Cassie Gaines about it. It's so VERY not My Little Pony, no singer-songwriter quavery wavery bullshit (I *hate* "Because of You"). More like an instrument.

On the flip Andalucian/Sephardic tip: am really liking the Osvaldo Golijov album my mom got for me. I'm not sure mom would have liked it without the NYT okay, but still - good!

Everyone has their threshhold, their line to be drawn, which means that there are things on one side of the line that one way or another he/she can outright tolerate, even if they're close to the edge. I can't watch almost any afternoon TV or award show out of sheer embarrassment, but GODDAMN I really like watching Blow Out. Gawd! Minty embarassmints! I watch the whole thing, soup to nuts, it's all right there.

Is it the Shampoo-like qualities? The convergence of Heterosexuality (more or less) with Hair? That he's such a monster of egotism? He really is--I feel like some of the long, deep, one-sided "conversations" I had with boys in college now have some context...damn! Is it his constantly low-slung jeans? The major Climbing qualities? Somehow the possibility for mortification built into shows like this doesn't *mortify* me here, but its can't quite be all Ego that's balancing that out, otherwise I could watch American Idol (can't even for a second) or something. Maybe it's just the strong People magazine underpinnings to the events--the walk-ons are all Names, sometimes deliciously un-A. Maybe it's the particular recipe matches my particular voyeuristic needs and that's that. I dunno, I think there's some winking to the camera going on here that takes the edge of super-painful (Dr. Phil) voyeurism. Get the feeling this dude is way weirder than we know.

I will say this: I have yet to see the man give what I'd call a good cut. Everything he does would (I *know*) flop into nothingness the minute he stepped away if he tried it on my hair. It'd look good for 2 sex, then wham. I hate hair that looks like somebody took their paws off it moments before.

Anyhow - fascinating. This seasons looks good and ridiculous. Gawd!

Note: Although I cannot watch Dr. Phil, I am always *very* pleased by the logo design with the dot after "Dr" simultaneously working as the dotting of the "I" in "Phil." It's not terribly unique, more like a nicely-done ligature, but it honestly takes the edge a bit off the naked emotionalism to have that there.

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