Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Not quite done.

Goofy old lesbionic Black Widow is on TV...I love that movie. I love that it has a plot, a big old-fashioned Plot. I also love freaky Theresa Russell, Debra Winger (so good), but I really love Diane Ladd in her 30 secs onscreen. So incredibly fabulous.

Okay, I'm not done talking about Kelly Clarkson. Listened to that song 8,000 times today, fun.

* The whole (video) is so incredibly careful and manufactured at the same time the song holds up (why say this like I'm surprised? more evidence than usual of the constructs behind the fame here). She looks, as always, as if she's been stylist-ed to death (gawd! the stuff she wears is insanity), down to that goofy full-knuckle ring thing that PHilton's been sporting recently (a D/s ring? I fergit what it is). Even--esp--the wacky craziness of the video is carefully constructed and duh, except it's very clever and you almost forget that it is so, except you're wondering why isn't she jumping around? Why's she so slow-movin? Still--pop song of the week. Can't get it out my head. Snaps.

* Have a little bet with myself about its crossover appeal, generating from the latter stuff. We'll see.

* Heh. Possible to do a revealing search on the words "Kelly Clarkson" and "indie cred." Hah. All these people trying to justify her occasional appeal -- no, wait that's me. Anyhow, I really am in love with "Walk Away" at the mo.

I am excited to hear the new Dixie Chicks CD. I continue to be the only person I know in any demo I live in who likes them, and I think other people must be cultivatin some major ignorance not to like them, because they write some great pop/country music, and Natalie Maines has got the reedy voice of an angel I don't know what the right analogy is. I think her voice is fuckin amazing. You'd think people would climb on the political bandwagon if nothing else, but I so consistently hear them get dissed by almost everybody I know. When I ask people to put on music at my house they always say, looking at the random stuff I have, "anything but Dixie Chicks." I have a complicated yet honest apologia prepared for my ownership of a Sting album, but I ain't bothering apologizing for Dixie Chicks. Not to mention what happened to supporting women with instruments.

Well, that was many years coming and unattractively defensive. But I am *missing* something here, still not understanding it--they write really good hooky music but it doesn't get the recognition it seems like it'd get otherwise. If they were Kelly Hogan or Neko Case or something validatedly alt.country. I dunno!

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