Thursday, July 08, 2010

drinkin likka

It's good to have a drinks cabinet. It's a nice part of the adult idiom, a well-stocked bar with a modicum of proper equipment and some good, basic liquors. I used to tell people that the reason I moved downtown was too many Doris Day movies: I wanted to come home from a busy day at work, toss off the jacket from my tailored suit, sigh, and step to my view of the city with a drink in hand I'd mixed at my chic drinks caddy. I'm not sure I've achieved any of that, down to not making the best use of my liquor tray, but I still think it's important to have one. Here are some things mine include:

  1. Dregs of good stuff from various guests
  2. A Popener brought back by a friend from Rome
  3. Gold tequila that really needs to be turned into a punch or something, to make room for a better kind
  4. Vermouth--very good to have on hand for cooking when you're not good at having an open wine bottle in the fridge door
  5. Pimm's No. 1. Absolute necessity.
  6. Back-up bottle of Pimm's.
  7. Rose's Lime Juice, which is key for a Raymond Chandler gimlet, but also turns out to be handy to have around for culinary purposes (I have thrown splashes into salad dressings and smoothies when no fresh citrus is available)
  8. Hendrick's Gin...great stuff
  9. A beautiful bottle of Death's Door gin, which I won as a prize this week! (more on how and where soon)
There are other things lurking on the tray, like a jigger, a nice drink shaker, bitters, and Grenadine, and the whole thing gives me a nice feeling of satisfaction to look at, to know I can make a drink when I need to. Still working on the other Doris accoutrements.

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