Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I saw these at my local fancypants emporium last year on the checkout impulse shelf and bought one--mostly because of its lovely appealing chunky shape. They were an amazing find ('find')--unbelievably good! I tried a few flavors, but rapidly realized it has to be hazelnut for me.

It turns out (whoknewnotI) these bars are discussed in Steve Almond's Candy Freak in some detail (and are on his top 5 list), down to their brilliant inclusion of feuilletine in the body of the bar. They do have the most amazing texture; the inside is creamy and praline-like, but studded with nuts and bits of crisp that give under the teeth. The outside is really smooth with some snap. They are just the most amazing little bars. I notice that they disappear the fastest of all five flavors!

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laura said...

today's the day I catch up on yr blogs! And I love those lil chocolate bars! I'm not even a chocolate person, neither! The peanut one.....mmmmmm! At Olivia's Market they have all sorts of fancy special candies and I'd splurge every lunch. Man I miss having fancy candy money!