Thursday, June 17, 2010

cat No. 1

Ursula the cat is a combination in her personality and physical particulars of:
  • black bear cub (hence the name)
  • andiron
  • West Highland terrier (fat tail)
  • otter
  • oversized muff for spoiled cold-weather child royalty
  • bulldog (broad chest)
  • baby harbor seal
  • medicine ball
  • Schmoo
  • little kid with licked finger ready to Wet Willy
  • duck (quacking meows)
  • scaredy cat
  • elephant knocking down fences by scratching back against them
  • Baby Huey
  • bowling ball
  • thug
  • inconveniently placed bearskin rug
She is also a large percentage mink. She has lush, soft, thick, minky, ripply, chocolate-brown fur whose true color emerges only in strong direct sunlight--the rest of the time it looks black. Late spring/summer evenings are good for spotting it. A big fat mink.

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