Friday, May 28, 2010

These posters on bus stops are still making me chortle hard. The cheese! The cheese.

The hair is intense and a unique (to me) aesthetic combination of: decent actor with enough boxoffiss drag to make inevitable, embarrassing big budget career choice--with cut abs; romance novel; video game; generalized period piece with strappy leathery stuff; as well as very Young Adult novel, in regards to the feathery side bits all adrift in the wind.

His accent (equally hilarious) seems to be basically that of English Actor Cast in Period Film, whose tones lends a certain veracity (to Americans) to the general Periodyness of it all. Woo! Persia!

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Demandra said...

Yet I have to ask--really? There wasn't one Persian actor on the planet who could have pulled this off? Just...ewww.