Tuesday, April 27, 2010

hickey science!

I am going to reveal some ignorance here, but I only recently discovered that hickeys weren't just trix for kids, like the dude I remember coming to high school homeroom one day with an absolute ring of angry-looking hickeys around his neck in a badge of ownership.

So I posted a poll to see what people had to say. Out of around 105 respondents, 11 had never given or gotten a hickey, but among the rest (people could answer yes to more than one question):
  • 7% had given one, never gotten one
  • 11% had gotten one, never given one
  • 23% hadn't engaged in hickeying since high school
  • 13% still hickey and do not hide it
  • 32% still hickey but hide it
  • 11% really like giving hickeys
  • 18% really like getting hickeys
  • 3% don't like giving or getting hickeys, but do it to keep the SO happy
What about you?


Demandra said...

Hickeys are gross and tacky and skanky and AWFUL and a sign that the person on your neck doesn't know what the hell he or she is doing.

And don't think for one minute that he's yours!

Elizabeth M. Tamny said...

It's weird, though! People like em! They're still out there!