Sunday, February 07, 2010

simple Chicago pleasures in February

• ducks perched stoutly on the edge of ice floes on the river

• buttery crisp hashbrowns from Nookies on Wells with the big glassy wall of windows

• The greatest cab car ever, the Toyota Scion. The comfiest cab of all time. It feels like you're in a video game when one of them noodles over to pick you up--it's so simple to get in, beetle around, get out. Bend at hips, sit down, ride in car, step out. The world's greatest back seat.

• rare hamburger, hot, from Fox & Obel cafe

• watching urban doggies trying to (literally) run out of their ignominious lil snow booties

• Claudio's hot chicken tamales eaten in the back of a cab on the way home from the Hideout..broken off in bites with your fingers

• the Hideout

• warm salty chicken soup with matzoh ball at the Pittsfield Cafe

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