Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I own this book! Can you believe it? It's a tome, a beautiful shiny tome, with creamy white space fatly weighting the thick pages that turn at their own pace, they are so big and heavy. I may perish if I don't get to try Bouchon's quiche someday.

It is symptomatic of my state of mind that what's appealing to me most in the book are Veg. Beautiful raw salads. I am thinking about, longing for, spring and pea shoots and fiddle head ferns and anything tender leafy green. Gorgeous little lettuces that are both tender and crunchy. Peas. Green things.

I don't actually like peas that much. But oh do I want spring (and lettuces). I am ready for the rains that dissolve the black snow (before they sog everything up too much), for wet winds on the face, for the sad little patches of crocuses next to city sidewalks, for seeing the lake ease up its crispy edges, for those green budlets on river trees.

I could use my foot as a Ped Egg on somebody else's foot. I want spring!


Demandra said...

Have I mentioned that my farmer's markets are spilling over with green things right now? We even have strawberries!

Oh, California! It's so shiny and glittery and good.

fashion survivor said...

I got some macarons at the Bouchon Bakery in Napa Valley when I was out there. They were deevine. We need more French bakeries in Chicago!