Saturday, January 16, 2010

panda obviousness

Boy, is Yun Zi cute--the panda cam from the San Diego Zoo is great fun. Somebody is operating the cameras there, following the pandas around, so you don't spend much time staring at the empty concrete floor of a zoo cage, hoping for an animal to show up (lucky humans). Yun Zi spends a lot of time wombling around fat-rumped, chewing his feet, and falling asleep. Bai Yun (his mother) seems to spend a lot of her on-camera time Chewing in that phlegmatic panda way. She looks a little like Cartman from certain angles. The time-lapse videos are particularly fun; because pandas tend to move sort of slowly it adds to the videos' stop-action panda animation quality, as if somebody were arranging the pandas then taking photos of them. When pandas move, though, they really move. And the interaction between the two is fascinating. Note: San Diego is SUNNY. What the hell am I doing living here.

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