Friday, December 25, 2009

Young Tori

Giving this one a big Eh. Some ingredients were there to make me happy, including E. Blunt, but in the end all the pretty conventional Sweeping Drama unfocused my attention. The movie seemed terribly turgid (disappointing; Gosford Park is such a great script). The textiles were unbelievable, needless to say, but the swoop of the biopic was strangely old-fashioned and bing-bang-boom. The bad guy tossed back liquor and toppled chairs in the scenes in which he wasn't scheming so we'd know he was bad. For instance. And the soundtrack violates Handel's Zadok the Priest horribly (I'm going to blame Fergie for that particular bit...why not). I liked very much the line about "punishing, not hating," but first impression of this flick definitely Eh.

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