Friday, December 18, 2009


* I can sum up my problem with Alton Brown with one word: "Uh." It's how he uhs and why he uhs and the fact that he uhs. Blich.

* As the World Turns is going off the air. I feel the urge to contact my grandmother in a seance and see what she thinks. This is significant.

* Oh I wish I had seen Waiting for Godot with John Goodman this spring! Just do. Would like to see what he did with it.

* I liked J.R. Jones' article about Up in the Air coverage...touched on a phenom that's always itched. The About Schmidt / As Good As It Gets thing where appeal of Popular Actor is grafted into unlikeable-ish character and...there ya go (and usually Oscar). Not much story. Oh, I am short-handing.

* Tony Soprano totally bites it, by the way (in re: the last episode). That has become eminently clear to me, now that I know the show. No bones about it. What else is that? That's what that is.

* Tai Shan is going back to da panda homeland. Godspeed, lil dude! We will find a subletter for your apartment.

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