Thursday, November 05, 2009

The thing people should point out more about recycling is how satisfying it is. I mean, the actual act, not (exactly) in a larger, do-gooding sense. It is an extremely satisfying activity for the nudgey mind--fabuous fun to send packaging and all its tyranny back from whence it came. No matter what it is--mayonnaise jars, birth control pill containers, seltzer cans--it all goes back the same way. Collecting like things together ruthlessly, regardless of origin. It's even more satisfying, somehow, with boxes. Not corrugated boxes, but the thin boxes that so much stuff is packaged in--cookies, Bounce sheets, frozen food, medicines, whatever. I love to break them down, take away their power to take up so much room, and send them back on their way. It kind of gives you a little of your own back, as a consumer, feeling like you're decimating all the elaborate attempts to win your attention and turning it back into wood pulp. Lots of immediate gratification.


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's the grammatical fairy here.
Shouldn't it be "from where it came"
or "whence it came"
since "whence" means "from where"

I mean, we have so little case usage left in English, shouldn't we savor what we have?

Demandra said...

Yes, but then the "from whence it came" Lord of the Rings joke would be lost.

In new not related to grammar police, I am in your choir, shouting a solid, "Amen!"

Elizabeth M. Tamny said...

Fixed it (from whence).

I don't know that joke! :)

Demandra said...

Tamny, your lack of Lord of the Rings dork saddens me.