Sunday, November 01, 2009

I'm just going to say it

1. If the phrase "pitched a reality show" shows up in somebody's biography, it seems like their file should be flagged, flagged like somebody's who has sold crack to infants. Cripes.

2. I have never gotten over the disappearance of Marshall Field's and it's starting to look like I never will. Screw Macy's and their sans serif coup d'etat.

3. I have absolutely no cynicism about pesto, a good 10-15 years after it hit menus hard. There is every reason to be cynical about it, or sick of it, but I am never anything but thrilled to find it in my food.

4. I cannot deal with Cirque du Soleil's goofy nouveau nouns and their gratuitous diacritical marks. KoozÄ...what the hell. Tell me that ring over the A is necessary. Somebody in Scandinavia needs that ring.

Cranky cranky happy cranky.

1 comment:

lynne Jordan said...

People admit to pitching a reality show?

Regarding Macys... they have plastic shopping carts - big red ones AND the jewelry they sell is crap!