Wednesday, October 07, 2009

2 follow-ups, 2 thoughts

- Hair (following up on post below) is did. I even got a weave as part of the Federal Extension Benefits program. HAHAHAHA. *hic* Okay, I didn't. But it's cut. Thank god.

- The night after I posted this entry about crepes dentelles they made an appearance in (yet another wild) dream. In my dream, though, I "figured out" that they were called "Milk of Pasta" in another language--French or Italian, I forget which. As in flakes of dried milk of pasta. Wild.

- I had a lot of thoughts about the Letterman situation, many of which don't have much urgency now that I'm less shocked, but one that lingers about his "bunker" is how much it reminds me of the trysting room Samuel Insull apparently had built into the proscenium arch of the Civic Opera House (to which he'd drag chorines and such). There are all sorts of issues of practicality attached to such a space, but it is interesting, however you look at it.

- Have you ever been to a post office that wasn't crowded? I haven't, and I mean in any neighborhood in Chicago. Never been to one that didn't have one employee waiting on one impossibly long line. Do not understand why service is being cut.

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Anonymous said...

Re: post offices.
Services cut because we're communicating less by letter, more by electrons. And can you really call long lines and semi-surly employees "service"? The APC is your friend.