Friday, August 21, 2009

Scrabble terms, or if they're not they should be

vowelrrhea - way too many vowels among your tiles; a rack like AOIAAU or IIEOEEA

consonated - way too many consonants among your tiles; helpful collections such as NZNLDFB or CLRDGGP

cockblocking - when your opponent uses a spot you had your eye on, especially when they utilize a 3W or put down something eh when you had a bingo or high-scoring play

a groundhogday - getting the same tiles over and over, making it seem like the universe is trying to point out an amazing move you're just not seeing

bingophasia - missing a bingo that's right in front of you

bingogimme - all seven tiles arriving perfectly arranged in word form

anorbingosmia - having a bingo and nowhere to play it; also, not being willing to give up on it (stage one of K├╝bler-Ross model)

bonanza - another word for bingo

hollow bunny - long elegant words with no point value

depth charge - tiny words of great point value (XI, AX, ZA)

tile blindness - stubbornly, exhaustedly trying to make words like ELORGIN or XANARU work


Dorette said...

Simply genius.

hanne said...

M completely cockblocked me tonight... I had been all set to bingo with "BIBELOTS" on a double word score, too. I was seriously pissed.

Also, this list is totally genius, as are you.

Demandra said...

The Scrabble obsession is deep with this one. Yoda says "pay her for this gift someone should."