Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ravenous piggies

I just got back from a wee vacation in Florida (note: same weather & humidity as Chicago at the moment, but more outdoor pools) and one highlight was a trip to a gastropub in Winter Park called the Ravenous Pig. Gastropubberygrubb really makes the palate happy--everything you like, only better, right? Anyhow, I had an amazing salad with delicious crisp pistachios in it and two Gruyere biscuits on the side with good salty butter (oh oh oh). The photo shows me eyeballing my grouper sandwich and frites with truffle salt. I ate the grouper (yum), then put the two halves of the brioche bun together with the lettuce and the sauce gribiche with the biggest bits of egg pushed aside and that may have been the most delicious squishy sandwich I've ever eaten. I had maybe 1/8 of the fries. For dessert some amazing sorbets, including a dark chocolate one. Other yums included nibbles of other people's handmade pretzels with a taleggio dip (YUM) and "pig tail" dessert fritters with chocolate sauce. It was wonderful and the service was great, especially as we were in a big yet separately-checked clump.

Also good in FL was a lil trip to Sonic for some tots and a burger. Sonic advertises so heavily around here, without a location for hundreds of miles--I think I would have to be some kind of inhuman advertising-impermeable monster not to want to scratch that itch at least just a little. Twas great!

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