Sunday, June 28, 2009

The pageant hair conundrum is real and it is difficult. It creates an elusive line to toe in the lazy, girly-but-not-femmey woman's desire to work decent hair without it sliding too hard into 80s frowst (my hair's natural state) or grizzy yuck. That to achieve? When to wash? With which product should I have a committed and expensive relationship? How to time the dance of washing/ignoring/fluffing/starting over?

The struggle continues. The answers elude. We soldier on.


Sheri said...

Well, you know, I share this conundrum. My hair would happily go for a week or more, improving by the day, it's just my head that agitates for frequent shampoo.

I've more or less settled on John Master's Organics, with an emphasis on the dry hair nourishment and shine on. But, really, I'm still looking.

Elizabeth M. Tamny said...

I invested in a lil spendy salon spray-in conditioner to try to manage this situation, but frankly what I think I need is a stylist. So I'm looking too. GODSPEED, S.