Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sometimes you know as sure as the sun coming up that this will be a day you drag your bathrobe tie in the toilet water. Just going to happen.

Also, I think that "Lola" may be in my top five fav rock songs list. It just keeps banging around up there. Among other fabulousnesses, it resolves so well, unlike lots of other great pop songs, that descend badly from a good chorus to a bad verse or vice versa or whatever. It just swells and swells and swells.

What a horrible concept Desert Island Discs thing is in some ways. Despite all the ways we limit what we listen to, what we experience, how yucky to be stuck with one thing. Or five things. Or even just good things! Surely that's one of the perqs as a human, getting to roll around in all of it...

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