Monday, January 12, 2009

bad poetry time! mmmm!

This time last year I indulged in a similar effort (I still can enjoy the line "tout le monde all tout d'ivoire" without cringing too hard) because I was fucking sick of sno. This year? Unbelievably fucking sick of sno. Important to get it out of your system. This time: small decorative dabs of bad French and German; also now bad Latin and Too Much Sopranos, all in time for another Cook County Winter Weather Advisory/Blizzard Warning (until 12 PM CST tomorrow!).

Whine of a Dilettante II

IL NEIGE ENCORE...ça fuckin neige!
Always with the goddamn dredge

Of flour that all around us sifts
poulet parts in salty drifts

Ningit, Chi-town, ningit hard!
Time to ganter! Tie the foulard

I don't care that it's not news
nor surprise, shock--I say j'accuse!

To all the stupid dumb schneeflocken
that pile all over roads they blockin

It's hiver, yes, we shouldn't frown
to see the mercury dipping down

Nor be surprised that snow is dumpin
nor sleet ice slush around us thumpin

This isn't Boca, it isn't Nîmes
it's the yearly midwest freeze routine

But OH my peds are cold and wet
our entire world is eis-bedeckt

And OH I am so sick of slipping
over glacéed ice sheets dripping

It niemals ends, ciel hivernal
fucking silence éternal

If not the light toward which we grope
Show at least the tunnel so we can hope!

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