Thursday, December 18, 2008

congrats me pal Ali, who has won the Real S*mple essay contest! Ali, who would occasionally hiss at me like a badger when I told her what a good writer she was (aren't I sweet to remember that?). Hee hee. But people, she really is. SO TOTALLY THWILLED PROUD EXCITED FOR HER!!!!


Demandra said...

SUCK IT. I never hissed at you. (ok, not that much)

But oooohhh! How little things change. I just reread the piece and thought, "Good lord. That piece of crap won?"

It's all part of my charm. (Fanks for da love and shout out.)

Elizabeth M. Tamny said...

Hiss, snarl, even scratch. But you're right, it's part of the charm! *mwah*