Thursday, October 16, 2008

You know, I'm taking my temperature here, but I have absolutely nothing to say about M*dge and Guy breaking up. There was, of course, an initial gasp-with-paw-to-chest that necessitated an email to my friend Fred, but now I feel very meh. What does that mean? Oh wait, it means nothing, doesn't it. Eh, I dunno. All I can say is that this news FITS with this world of chaos we are living in. And it will be interesting to see her enter her Tom Hayden phase--I'm assuming that's where she is on the Jane Fonda timeline.

In the meantime I give you Madeline Kahn choosing participants for the orgy. :45-1:25 shoulda been enough to get that woman an Oscar, yo. Happy happy joy joy.


Anonymous said...

well she *was* nominated twice, for her role in Paper moon, and for Lili Von Shtupp.

Elizabeth M. Tamny said...

oh I know! I mean...they shoudla just *handed* one to her for competing :)

skip said...

Neither Midgen or Gee seem like people anyone would want to spend any time around--that's the irony.