Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What a MONDAY that was! IN which...

...money dwindled exponentially, further invasive dental procedures were performed, I address out-of-date internet issues in my blog and at least one cat chose to express herself scatalogically, the little fucker.

* Crowns not as miserable as root canals (quite), but still in the miserable ball-park. And oh do they take a long time. Jaws are achin/sore, now more than anything from chewing weird. Dental work must be frightening for chefs, it occurs to me.

* More backstory for the Reader bankruptcy, which is really about the Loaf/BE. It feels much more spot-on than previous published attempts to explain.

* Three things I'm coming back with in another life: broad, broad shoulders so that another purse never slides off; a huge mouth that unzips side to side like a Muppet's, so that dental work is easy-peasy; and a truly, solidly, iron-clad digestive system that tolerates anything at anytime, anywhere and is as regular as a good train. Oh! And a non-jowly/double-chinny chin/non-fat neck, although that one is half practicality and half vanity--regardless. Better design for human living.

* Can "Surprising Dancing With the St*rs Casualty!" really be the kiss-ass Yahoo headline puts up every fucking week when that show's on? OH NO THERE'S ONE LESS OH WAIT THAT'S THE PREMISE OH GOD OH GOD BUT STILL WHAT WILL WE DO OOPS THERE WE GO.

* Of course: I didn't exactly think what I do with scrambled eggs was new--adding strips of tortilla to the butter and cooking, before adding eggs, kind of like a matzoh brei--but I also didn't quite realize I had basically reinvented migas. Which I did. Cool!

* Much on http://cuteotters.com/ about the demise of Nyac at the Vanco*ver Aquarium, who survived the Exxon Valdez oil spill only to gain viral internet fame as one of the hand-holdin otters (has there ever been such a sentence?). There is something about the arc to that otter's life, though. Intense.

* It's Sig*r Ros, or should I say "Sig*r Ros," if you wondered what the almost/not quite music of the Audi commercial is. Duh.

* Seen recently: Ladies in Lavender, directed by Charles Dance (looking as hunky as ever in the after-bits) w/ Maggie Smith & Judi Dench. It's the kind of movie I am a little loathe to admit I like, since it's such my type and so obvious (domestic, English, small in scope, involving Judi Dench in any form whatsoever, although that's just life), but it was pretty good. A little beginnerish but good. Most interesting aspect was close look at how an older woman might fall in love with much younger man whether it was remotely appropriate or if she even wanted to. The sisters in the story the film's based on are in their 40s; having (amazing, yet) 70-yo actresses changed the flavor of that situation somewhat, I'm still parsing out how. But that Judi Dench...jebus. She looks beautiful, for one thing--all pink and gray and matching the Cornwall coastline--and her face is just a miracle of expression. It's astonishing what she conveys before even opening her mouth.

* By contrast: the things S*rah P*lin are saying right now about Obama, even if people are smart enough to see them for what they are, are diminishing us as a whole, it feels like. It makes my blood boil in my chest ("doesn't see America like you and I see America"?????), but it's also just...everything bad about American parochialism and jingoistic no-thinking political mud. Oh, and it's fucking racist, in the only ways she can really be on paper right now. I can't believe she's reaching for the WU.

* The most harrowing, real (ooo! so meaningless, that word, but still), vulnerable, actual reality TV on TV: Intervention on A&E. Jesus Christ. Some incredibly heartbreaking, amazing television and it manages to address a lot of issues besides addiction--because it's about addiction. Scary.

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