Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I woke up from a nap (gott sei dank) with my subconscious in a huge knot about Twitter today. Which I think is funny, because I don't understand how Twitter actually works, at all, although instinctively I see that it is making us another piece more accountable, trackable, findable...endlessly documenting of what we are doing or knowing or finding out. I was really pissed about it; while I was still way more asleep than I realized I lay there planning paragraphs of things I wanted to say that I can't even remember now. Too weird funny.

I can say that suddenly all the ramifications of such a thing were suddenly clear, all the way to the bottom, in that way they can be in dreams/subconscious. I could see into the future, see sideways into other lives.... And it's not good. There's something really wrong about it. Not exactly sure why though.

I'm off to Facebook! (verb form). Hahahahaha.

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