Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chicago named most stressful city in the US. YES. A nigh on completely meaningless accolade, but it's hard not to try it on, like a sweater. Some parts fit.

Today's idea for something that's already been done I'm sure: A warm, fuzzy--anti-Palahni*k/non-"Guts", as it were--anthology of funny, sweet and serendipitous things that happened because of masturbation mishaps. I knocked over that small wooden box and there were the keys I thought I had lost! (par example)

More culinary leftovers successes mumblemumble see last entry: tuna/potato croquettes. It might have been tuna/potato hash, given my patience level (that is the diff twixt hash/patties; one's willingness/patience to maintain preformed shapes of things, even after they hit the oil), but they worked great - just scooped mixture (eggs, tuna, leftover potato, spices, a lil flour) with ice cream scoop right into the oil and created 8 very discreet and crisp, not too stodgy patties. They really needed something cucumber-/dill-y, raita or tsaziki, on top, but still. Good. Also good? Blondies with mini chocolate chips, made with too many chips and too much brown sugar, I think, but I was suddenly incredibly impatient (note theme) about the hard rock of sugar I had to work with and I microwaved it with too much water and suddenly had...syrup. It worked, though, with the melted butter the recipe required--they are rather toffee-like. More leftover follies TK.

Mom met Obama! We are waiting for the photographic evidence. It is so exciting.

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Demandra said...

How the hell can Midwestern niceness beat out NYC rudeness and LA dipshitness? Seriously. Is there anything more stressful than the 405 in LA during rush hour? C'mon, people!