Wednesday, September 10, 2008

all the minutiae that's fit to print

I've been collecting lil things to write about all week, small rocks tumbling about in untidy, slippery piles. We'll see how many actually make it in this lil bloggy container.

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* The Sarah Brightman Experience. Just excruciating (I guess she's Jebus, floatin down the church aisle on wires? or fancies herself perhaps a lay clergywoman?). Just noting. PBS begathons are unbearable, period, with their special super long-lasting PBS infomercials.

* The great freezer clean-out continues...plateau-ing a little bit. In general, um, food "news":
- Strangely fantastic freezer-cleanin omelet: (defrosted) Canadian bacon sauteed with leftover sticky rice and herbs, then la eggs. Lots of pepper. God....really good.
- I made Kraft Mac & Cheese the other night with a lump of imported Danish butter and organic chicken stock. What's the opposite word of slumming? It was pretty good, yo.
- Amazing dinner of just briefly sauteed fresh corn off the cob with butter and salt and a glass of eh Riesling that looked nice but was eh. And that's it. Midwest has some perks.
- Zingerman's Hot Cocoa coffeecake: as good as the kinda brill name makes it sound. OH my.

* All the talk about hurricanes recently made me think about my grandfather. Here he is in the late 40s/early 50s with his hurricane-hunting plane in Miami. He's the tallest guy, third from left.

* Can't get this BRILLIANT, albeit ABBREVIATED tune outta head. Immodest note: I am very good at singing the word "nude" the way "Clinton" does. You have to sing it like the word "few" in "precious and few" in "Cherish." Fiyooooooouuuooo!

* Bonnie Hunt needs to stop making HAH HAH self-actualized hilarious size jokes for her new show. She's losin me. Hard to see women comedians do that.

* Sometimes when you have to have an ultrasound, you have to drink (a lot of) water in advance. It is the most excruciating kind of dance, to try to drink enough yet not too much that you have to stop on the way there, yet...I was thinking in my over-watered haze that only John Cage, maybe, could write a piece to express what this is like, this bizarro dance of the waters. Pauses and pain and absurdity...

* The GOP is using their VP nom like a FUCKING BOUNTY PAPER TOWEL. And that's all I can say about that at the moment. GOOD GOD DAMN.

* HGTV: 1/2 "This room is so blah/has no color/let's paint!"; 1/2 "What were they thinking/let's strip it/let's paint over that bad color decision!" And so it goes. They're set for life.

* Under the category of MOST EMAILED PHOTO at Yahoo news photos right now is this one, left, with the following cap:
"A passenger waits for a delayed flight at Heathrow airport's terminal four in London August 12, 2006. REUTERS/Toby Melville"

I'm not really trying to call the world sizeist all over again (mmm I am), but still--what possible reason can there be for this 2-yr-old photo comin out (on a "most-emailed" scale, I mean) again except the circus lady side of it? What is the point? Wonder what spiked the interest in it. There must be some fat girl-likers in the mix, but not enough to make it most emailed. All I know is ow...sigh. That chair musta hurt like hell, poor patient lady; my hips would do that too.

* Alt*n Brown: often verrrrrrrrrrry jerky on his Apolcalypse Now/middle-aged crisis food-travel shows. Why don't people see it? I have wanted to smack him a few times.

* My friend Karla likes to get a "good stare" going after a meal; fix her eyes and let them...relax. I tease her about it, although I totally love a good stare too. The thing I'm realizing--there always have to be a few moving objects (usually people) in a good stare. But you don't *care* about them, as such. You're not watching them. They are just in the stare frame. And if you shift your glance to more completely inanimate's not as good a stare. Funny how that is. Has to be some relatively stationary but still squirming object in the frame. Hence restaurant stares being really good.

* There is now a complexion treatment system called "Shiva." Anybody else find this funny? (or sad?)

* Rufus Sewell appears to be pulling a 'House'--i.e., English actor slumming in American TV shows that pay more and live long past their sell-by date. I think Rufus likes Americans a little more than Hugh does, though. I always feel like Hugh's cackling when he counts his checks before flying off to Majorca to don his djibou and smoke pot.

* J-Lo is looking pulled very tight (facially). Sort of....Veronica Castro. Lil glimpse into the future there.

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