Friday, August 01, 2008

push-broom fulla hair clippings

* Have been Facebooking a lot the last few days. Makes me feel like a border collie, herding people around. And then you take a look at it and realize what a sketchy and badly representative list of the people you know it is, despite the fun of adding people you luv. It might not be so sketchy if I were 20 years old, I suppose, if I grew up on these things, but as it's kinda interesting how incompletely these things reach into the corners of life.

* Just what is the race card, by the way? I'm looking at you, McCain. Do tell. I'm picturing something kinda like the Indy 500 flag. Or maybe you give it to the guy who takes the go-kart tickets.
* One of my fav Hurrell portraits of Norma Shearer at auction this week...estimate was $4-6K. Oh they get spendier. Will be curious to see what it went for.

* This goes under the should I mention it or will people think I'm nuts? tag. The Ols*ns. You know...Mary K*te and Ashley. I'm talking about their early incarnation on the weirdo grown men/young girls sitcom. I sorta mushed it all in my head--that character/those two--somehow people never talk as if *those two* were playing *one* character. So think about it. Every time you see one of them onscreen...the other was somewhere else. In their trailer. Think about that. It's like a very lame Hollywood koan.

* Having huge southern/classik rock fest on YouTube the last few nights, with special focus on early 80s .38 Special. Go on--click some. You know you want to. THEY HAD MANY MANY GUITARS AND DRUMS. So great.

* Before I swerved into the classick rock, I could NOT get Judy Holliday singing "Dolores" out of my head. Which sucks, because she sings at a really sad point in The Marrying Kind (OMG Aldo Ray...what a hunk), and it has bad association. But she was so great..worth a listen.

Last year I committed to taking ukulele lessons but never did. Maybe all this "Dolores" will finally get me to to do so! And when I do...I will be a self-contained entertainment machine.

* I was all excited to kvell about my fav new sorbet flavor, only I discovered Oprah got there first!! So I shan't be going on and on about Ciao Bello's Blood Orange sorbet, much. Except to say that I haven't been that thrilled with their other flavors, but this one is just...epic. Sorbet is hard, like lots of simple gastronomic challenges, and the right balance--really right--is hard to get, if you ask me. The blood orange flavor is just amazing.

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