Thursday, July 24, 2008

Query: Happy endings less about human being's desires for niceness but more rather the egotism of art itself? A desire to say...this piece is bigger than the space it takes up? It goes on farther/longer than these 200 pages/2 hours?

<---Query: I hate to add to this lady's troubles, but have you ever seen a bigger case of celebrity lollipop head in your life? Good golly gee whillickers. It's making me think about that character in the Manticore. (It's easier to see here.)

Query: YougonnaseethenewBatman? I am having strong chauvinist feelings about it because of how specifically some of it is set in my funny neighborhood DOWN BY THE RIVER. Funny "lower" River North. Also, as I said, they shot scenes from on top my building one day, so...I'm curious. Sheer boosterism, really, although part of the pleasure is that it's Chicago, but not Chicago, and as such free of some of the bad Hollywood Chicago concepts that linger to this day.

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