Monday, May 12, 2008

Grave apologies for a lack of bloggity-bloggity recently. The demands of--what one lazily wants to call "real life," only that really isn't it; it's gotten in the way of providing nicely discreet little lumps to write about because really this is that kind of blog. Lumps and bumps. If it were a regular journal I could jump in and not worry about where I'd end up, how personal it would be. But anyhow, here I am. And a happy Mother's Day to you all, eh? Especially my own.

1) America really wants Whitney back. We have an awful lot invested in her being a good girl, in the illusion that her marriage was a brief mistake and all about his bad self. Why is that? I honestly think it sometimes has to do with her willowy figure. If her figure were anything else -- pudgy or short-waisted or fat or short or what -- that people SEEM TO -- can lazily -- associate with tacky or ghetto or lower middle class or something -- I think it'd be different. I know this sounds kooky, but I think it's true. I think they think they know something about her by how she wears evening gowns. Well, and by the kind of music she was shepherded into singing early in her career.

2) I am both really glad and really sad I got to experience Nicholas Cage early in his career in my formative movie-watching years... There was so much that was great: Valley Girl, Peggy Sue, Moonstruck. Weird and neato and great. And then he took such a turn...a U-turn, a cosmos-spinning turn into horridly self-aware and smug and non-acting and winking at the camera (I personally think he jumped the shark in the promos for 8MM, but really it was before even that). I saw Peggy Sue Got Married for the first time in a while this weekend, and I forgot how deliciously bizarre and good some of that performance was.

3) My turn to say the obvious: What the hell kind of state is this country in? Rice rationed, gas dear, bronze stolen from headstones, no jobs, foreclosures, bankruptcies, inflation...I keep feeling like it's Germany pre-1933. I worry. And then I don't.

4) Finally saw Little Miss Sunshine. Meh. Eh. Eh. The only thing I really want to say: as a seasoned traveler in a VW van, may I note that there is no way anybody could have heard anything, much less what was being said, in that car. Those fuckers are loud, it's like riding in a tin can.

5) I owe very much a review of Disfigured (thank you MA) but I still haven't been able to get through it. Need to grow up and deal with it but be prepared for a Tontstant Weader type of review of 3 pissed-off words. Can't stand it so far.

6) Congrats to HB and MG on the new house! Just sayin :)

More soon, I swear. Love to everyone.

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