Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What I'm Getting Tired Of

• Welcome to the land of low-grade vitamin D deficiency. Three very recent views out me can't tell but you're looking at a slice of the lake behind all that white there. Snow, snow, rain, sleet, fog, snow, snow, snow. Might I say....tired of snow? ME TIRED OF SNOW. No sun that I can see, nowheres.

I have a reflexive don't-bitch macro that kicks in after complaining about winter precipitation; among other reasons, I have family in Colorado and a sense of how you have to be grateful for water, for the snow that will be water. Although recently it's occurred to me that despite the commonality of high-idiocy modern folly like manicured lawns in the Vegas burbs, life in the future really will probably be more Waterworld than Chinatown. Sooner than we think. So I bitch.

Besides...slush in my Crocs? Not good. I feel perhaps De La Soul could do the topic justice.

• My truly guiltiest indulgence these days. It's so GOOD. Soft. Glugs down so nice.

• Finally made it through Notes on a Scandal. I can't figure out why I didn't find it more convincing. I worry that I am too PC to accept either Judi Dench in an unsympathetic role (don't think so) or an evil mustache-twirling lesbionic villianness (don't think so). Despite the setting and all the snarky commentary on modern multi-culti life it contained, there was something dated about that character, sort of Lillian Hellman. I feel like I'm still trying to put all the pieces of that lady in the same bag. I dunno I dunno.

• I need to arrange more adult play-dates with Henry James. I watched The Wings of the Dove the other day (now that's a guilty pleasure), out of a desire for some pritty pritty Linus Roache and beautiful blacky-Prussian blues and posturing sex-having Edwardians, and was struck anew at how very Edward Gorey Charlotte Rampling is in that film (people always use Gorey as a wholesale point of comparison; I mean it very specifically in this case: the turban, her EYES--their spacing, the eyeliner--the shape of her head, her clotheshangery body under the luxe drapery, everything) which of course made me think about what Gorey said about Henry James, whom he just hated. Never more hilarious. But I think I need to dip me wick in some more James again. Stop tasting regurgitated versions.


I ordered four magazine reprints from Time-Life recently. Two arrived fine, the other two...what I got was this envelope. Torn open, encased in a USPS WE CARE bag with an apology for the package arriving damaged. No magazines. Enclosed instead? A digital camera. Batteries dead. Much scratched up.

Clearly if I put batteries in camera:
* Camera will blow up OR
* Blurry photos of cold war-relevant microfilm will be revealed OR
* Compromising photos of various US senators will be found.
Will report back.

• I was eatin an Italian bif last night (dipped, no peppers, no cheese, BBQ sauce, thank you) and it was so Dipped that it was drippin down me chin. I had one of those obvious but real foodie moments: Ah. Pan Bagna. Drippin down yer elbow. That's the stuff. Look at em all relate.

• The chocolate chips in Breyer's chocolate chip ice cream: THINNER. This changes the experience entirely.

• Did you know you can now buy whole bags of green M&Ms? They are really pretty all massed together.

• I was thinking the other day watching Groundhog Day...what about Nancy Taylor? God, how awful to be Nancy Taylor in this story. Is she stuck there? Rita 'gets' something good by being herself...poor slutty Nancy gets nothing. I mean...I don't think anybody wants to be the Nancy Taylors in this paradigm. Although I think the filmmakers would say that she is somewhere in the midst of her own arc, intersecting with his, on her own journey. I dunno, though, they don't much hint at that idea, period. She would make a good Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead spin-off novel kind of thing. Free Nancy.

• I was bouncing around my apartment listening to Obama serve it up Chicago-style last night. He makes my heart...unclench. And I just don't think Hillary gets it, or why we're craving it. I mean, why should she? Maybe it's something he can 'afford,' inclusivity (by virtue of personality, age, temperament--although I also think some of this is hard-won and this is therefore actually a fair comparison--what he has is the place you hope all politicians get to) and she can't, it's just been too long. Maybe that's okay, but maybe it's better that she not be pres.

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