Wednesday, January 30, 2008

* Leftover Chinese takeout is only barely worth it, to my way of thinking. No way to ever recreate the warm steamy glory of what once was, and then only with so much effort you might as well make it from scratch. Rice is so miserable leftover, so is anything fried...neh.

* Urban ancillary I always find interesting: American fud that is unusually good at Chinese haunts. Like...fries.

* The difference in cooking show rhetoric from five years ago to now in three words: pasta cooking water.

* Completely convincing, 100% of the time: mascara commercials. I don't always succumb, but each time I think, Yeah! THAT's the one!

We are getting the winter this year in Chicago we've avoided for a while. Still sucks, tho. What do midwives say? You get the birth you need...

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