Saturday, September 01, 2007

I'm fairly sure I could eat white bean dip/cannellini hummus every day and not get sick of it. There's just something about it. So yummy.

Yes I am using internet bandwidth to share this information. I am!

I wonder if my cats keep blogs when I'm not here, on the parallel catweb. Long thoughtful postings about...staring out the window.

Okay, I must admit this: I bought Green Card recently for $1 (Hollywood Video going out of business), a film which I used to rent over and over again to worship the apartment! Oy. But getting it again has made me realize how deep into G. Depardieu's weird-ass pronunciation of English I am. I have at least 4 or 5 constant catch-phrases in my head that from things he says in that film. "The elephants are restless againg tonight, cherie, sooo resstless I joost can't sleep." "Coo-cum-burr!" As a fairly committed Voice Person, I don't think I realized until recently how wonderful GD's voice is. It's really beautiful, even when sounding kinda silly in this film. I like GD.

It's not a good film. It's like many P Weir films--you can kind of see through it to what was intended, which is quite good (in the abstract). And sometimes it's downright bad in its execution, due to a few really unconvincing bits of acting by Ms. McD (where the contrast between her flat delivery and GD's expressiveness is kind of amazing). But still--I know every word. Not sure what that means. Hopeless romantic? Urban dwelling fantasizer? Yah, it's that apt. It's kind of how I feel about some Doris Day apts--me want!

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