Monday, August 27, 2007

Hier ist my new sunhat! The final version. It's marvelously effective, light, has a sturdy 5" brim with dark material underneath to shade the sun, vents in the top bits, great little size-adjusty thing on the crown, fits (this is amazing, I have a huge head; got a big size), and altogether makes me look entirely too much like ELEANOR LAVISH. Ungh. Or perhaps a jolly turn of the century colonial girl guide leader with a mad pash for a fellow lecturer. BLECH. It's just so not the remotest bit glam or cute or sleek or soignee or anything. Although the point is..I'm not sure I care, if the hat works. But just notin.

Jean Johnson...BELATED AND YOOGE HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO YOU! Also Melissa Front. Just sayin.

Alarming possibilty of aging: that the size of one's brain is something of a zero-sum proposition. Just...sayin. Fairly sure some info got pushed out to make room for a lot of ridiculous crap I don't need. And it goes on.


Anonymous said...

Yeah me too, happy birthday Jean! xo, Skip

Demandra said...

Ok--I need one of those hats with this goddamned relentless CA sun! Where did you find it? Lawd knows I can't find one here in fake tit land to fit my huge melon. Help a sister out!

liz said...! they have great stuff there. seem to be nicely paranoid about sun protection!! And if if could fit my head it could fit anybody! The 2XL was even a lil big - I got an XL.