Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I have always hated those Mastercard ads, the "...priceless" ones. They've given me a variety of reasons to hate them over the years. First because they are so dismissive about the costs of things, as if it means nothing, or is supposed to in their lil ad paradigm (even when the actors are buying hot dogs at the ball park for $30); secondly because they encourage that what-the-hell, it's not really much at ALL...charge it! idea in their awful usurious way; thirdly because they're flat-out encouraging people to buy their way to happiness. All in this endlessly contradicting package.

Their new ad talks about the virtues of charging Stouffer's lasagne instead of buying the incredients to make it from stratch. Okay, I should be appalled that they are pushing processed fud (as part of all this), which I am, but I really am more appalled that they are urging people to charge groceries. That is the shit I did at my credit card-maxing lowest--not a good sign about the old finances. Jerks.

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Aldra Robinson said...

I LOATHE credit card companies. I ranted about some shit they pulled on me ol' frugal blog. Yet, Mastercard used a song from my friend David's band Gliss in a recent commercial. So now, I get all excited when I see the 'mercials. Yet, they are satan. Oy.