Monday, February 26, 2007

lil kvell

So, how did I ever miss the joys of the chili dog? All of my life I was wandering in the dark and now...chili dogs. But they gotst to be Portillo's. Love the Portillo's dog (no onion). The squishy bun, the savory/slightly sweet chili and the cheese...somehow the combo of textures really works. The bun keeps resquishin around the dog and the cheese provides this essential element of restraint on top--you wouldn't think it does--but it does. It kind of holds in the chili, too but really it's just about the flavors. And the chili itself is not overly-complicated, which I like. It's not trying to be a salsa or pomodoro or something stupid--it's just that right chili con carne sweet/tangy carnivorous flavor. It's very...elemental, this chili dog joy. Sloppy slippery savory meaty steamy satisfaction.

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