Monday, October 09, 2006


I am out of the habit of Bloggin'; a function of being out sick from work for over two weeks and unhooking from--I feel the urge to inaccurately call it the glass teat, but that's not it--it's more of an email waterfall, an informational waterfall, the deluge, the constant pellet-reward system that is command-M, more more more click point click point total overload it's like a jungle sometimes. This is another way of saying: I've had about 14,000 transitory bloggin' thoughts without the habit of documenting them (other than me new books) in the last few weeks. But I can say this:

Rice News:
1. Do not microwave organic EnviroKidz crispy rice bars--they become as mortar and meld with the plate.
2. Lundberg's Wild Blend Country Brown rice blend RAWKS. Rilly good.

Architecture News:
1. Sleeping With the Enemy: modern architecture is bad.
2. North by Northwest: modern architecture is in the midwest.

The trailer for Marie Antoinette:
1. announces that it's based on a true story. This is funny (oh THAT Marie Antoinette).
2. is pritty and makes me think that SC owes a lot to the DP on this AND Lost in Translation (Lance Acord).

Housekeeping is about the art of:
1. throwing things away and
2. very little else, really.

Because I have been home sick, I can now comment on the Rachael Ray talk show. Yes. There are two things you need to know:
1. Her wardrobe designers have decided to give her a waist (belts now around middle, not low on hips).
2. RR still does not know she doesn't have to YELL to be heard in millions of American homes. It's hugely wearing.

Steve Perry:
1. is Portugese-American (who knew)
2. was a constant source of amusement to my in my snotty teens, but I am now all-a-thwilled when I hear his voice (in songs I like). It is still a little excruciating in songs I hate.

Music you wouldn't think would make you tear up (but it did me recently):
1. Der Hölle Rache from Zauberflöte
2. something fairly embarrassing.

I kinda forgot, when I commented on Nigella Lawson before, that I was already acquainted with the UK Print Media Nigella (many words spilled) vs the TV temptress version, I think because the two versions are so *separate*. In England, where she is a constant tabloid fixture, there are endless articles and interviews dissecting the difference between the interviewee/journalist NL vs. the semi-seriously-goofy NL persona she unwittingly projects on TV from under her eyelids. I wish (random thought) she'd talk more about the Lyons Corner Houses (never seen an article where they got into that), but what I can say about her new show now, having seen it, is:
1. Her tongue-tyin' foodie-luv is a little precious
2. but I've also never heard anybody use the word "deliquescent" on TV (describing stinky cheese) and it was fine.

The Humboldt penguin is disappearing because people harvest the penguin guano they use to build their nests. I have this image of a pissed-off queeny penguin with its flipper on its hip, rolling its eyes and saying, "Can't they leave ANYTHING alone..." Poor pengies. Two things to know:
1. You can't tell what gender a penguin is from just looking at it. That's kinda fun.
2. George Bush sucks.

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