Monday, September 04, 2006

This weekend has been all about Ketcheeng Up. From a long overextended week, with sleep and psychic energy. And feeling sick to my tum. So I write about: booze and aminals.

1. My favorite liquor is always Pimm's. It's the only bottle I ever have to buy a new one of for my liquor cabinet (except maybe occasionally gin or Maker's if I have a party)--the dusty bottle of rum never runs out. Sometimes I'll go for months without drinking it, like now, 'cause I don't like to drink alone, but it's definitely My Drink. I like it with tonic water (it goes all fuzzy) and citrus; I like the classic British Cup with lemonade and ginger ale; it's great w/ juice; I just like it. It's not really ass-kicking; I think the alcohol content is lower than some booze, but it's the greatest. I am very much looking forward to building a house, garden, veranda and spouse around civilized evening cocktails and my Pimm's bottle someday.

I found out this weekend that Pimm's--technically Pimm's No.1--actually had/have siblings, Nos. 2-6, based on different alcohol bases than No. 1, which is based on gin. They still make in addition to No. 1, Nos. 3 & 6 (brandy, vodka)-- No. 3 is "Pimm's Winter," as a marketing technique, since most Brits drink Pimm's in the summer, as in at Wimbledon, when they sell tons of it. (It is really a hot weather drink.) Who knew! Who knew. I can't find anywhere in US to get these variations. I'm not sure I'd want them anyhow, but I'm curious to taste. And see.

I also saw that in England that they've started selling pre-mixed lemonade and Pimm's in some packaging that I'm not quite convinced about. The can's okay, but the shrink-wrapped bottles look cheesy and Arbor Misty. Plus their website is just AWFUL. I don't hold that the English are okay only if they're all quaint and old-fashioned, but I'm just not feeling this whole "British BBQ" thing. Pliz. Too tacky. And unconvincing.

2. I saw some amazing animal footage this weekend that is still ringing in my head and I don't know how to explain well in its marvelousness. Just amazing. It sparked a whole spasm of internet animal festivities, including the black-footed ferret cam (is there ANYTHING as cool as the curve of their head? And their ears? It's unholy), Tai Shan checks, otter cams, fairy penguin sites...chaos. Porn. Polar bears. Baby cheetos.

Anyhow, the footage was of 1) a baby meerkat and 2) a colony (a group? a pride? a whisk? a wafer? a wince? a wince - that's good) of ring-tailed lemurs. In both cases they were both interacting with humans, and it was just bizarre since they're both vaguely bi-pedal. These tiny little humans around these bigger humans. Especially the meerkat...who was constantly vocalizing and scampering around a living room floor like a tiny housecleaner, and then had to be washed because apparently meerkats are very stinky (?). His *eyes* were a fuckin trip--downright human, almost. The lemurs were just as amazing, with their steady gazes and people-y paws and throne-like haunches and...they climbed all over the zoo-keeper but then sometimes collected at his feet in a Lilliputian way.

I guess all I'm trying to say on some level is that they are cute, but they are also just astonishing. I don't think I breathed watching them!

I never saw the Crocodile Hunter show. Frankly I thought he was annoying, and that was because he was. And I think that he took more than normal chances--he showboated, and baited the animals, as far as I could tell. But he was also incredibly enthusiastic and kept people from big game hunting in Oz, which is good. But good golly.

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