Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Pride of Per-oo

It turns out there's a perfect place for The Complete Lyrics of Cole Porter: the *shh* bathroom. Perfect spot for that kinda leisurely perusal, although it's not good for the book, which was already hurtin (curled covers, cracked spine). Plus it weighs about 15 pounds. But still-- fun. And I finally looked up where Peru, Indiana actually is. It really is kind of in the middle of nowhereindiana. So far my faves:

from "Si vous aimex les poitrines" (from Nymph Errant, 1933)

Si vous aimez les poi-trines
come to Gay Paree
si leur beaute vous a-nime
come and call on me.
I will show you how di-veene
Parisiennes poi-trines really are,
If you promise me, you naughty boy,
not to go too far.
Si vous voulez d'la ten-dresse
et d'la volupte,
let me give you my ad-dresse
for a rainy day.
And when zat feeling comes a-stealing
you know what I mean?
Mais oui, monsieur,
come and play wiz me in Gay Paree,
si vous aimex les poitrines.

(What is it with gay men and the belle poitrines? I wonder if Patrick Dennis knew that lyric)

And for Hanne (this is the first verse):


Listen, my dearie,
out on Lake Erie
I know the grandest town,
Cleveland, Ohio,
Oh me oh my-oh
a place of great renown.
Cleveland--that's the title of my ditty.
Cleveland--it's the famous Forest City,
Cleveland--where they have the ammunition,
Cleveland--to prohibit Prohibition.
Cleveland--praise the Lord and sing Hosannah.
Cleveland--it's the home of Hoyt and Hanna.
Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland!

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