Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I have to say, I'm unsurprised to hear that Forest Whitaker is so good as Idi Amin; I think he's a much better actor than director. And the first half of The Crying Game, in which he was so heartbreaking, is the best part. Anyhow, rather exciting.

Another little prediction: I think Marc Antony/*shh* Jennifer Lopez's husband is going to be proved a good actor, quite good. Better than ye'd think. How odd. It's kind of impossible for him not to, with all that melancholy.

A wish: People who were average-sized would call themselves that. Body dysmorphia is so rampant that you have to navigate an ocean of hyperbole and exaggeration in everyday life, and I find it wearing. Boring. And frustrating, in my nerddom and fatness, but mostly in my nerddom. It's ever-so-interesting that you think you're enormous as a size 14, but please--take responsibility for a little measured (hah) examination of the world around you. Call things what they are. And if people could only differentiate body type from body size...

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