Thursday, August 31, 2006

Raging Anglophilia.

It never dies. Just keep stokin the fires.

I just had a delicious ridiculous surge through the Colman's Mustard online gift shop website and bought a few fabulous trad. English thingies like a little mustard pot and a tea towel with the yellow logo. PLUS I got myself a facsimile edition of the Mustard Club Recipe Book, which is what started all this ridiculousness; Dorothy L. Sayers wrote it during her tenure as an advertising copywriter in London and it's hard to buy original copies (spendy), so I finally bought this version. The Mustard Club was a fake club that Sayers and Benson (the ad agency) invented that eventually became a real one and one of the great silly advertising campaigns of all time, with fake club officials like Miss Di Gester, its secretary. It had songs, and rulebooks, movies, newsletters...just brill. I wish more companies would sponsor things like that now for no other reason except that they're fun and fascinating (and yes, it sold mustard) created a whole generation of amazing advertising art too, by John Gilroy. Very neat. A little obsessed with it. Anyhow.

PLUS...I finally joined the Dorothy Sayers Society. This is partly because the 2007 annual convention is going to be held at Wheaton College. The Wade Center at Wheaton has this astonishing collection of works by Christian English authors like Chesteron, Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, and Sayers, and I *missed* the first US Sayers convention held at Wheaton, what -- 10 years ago? I hain't going to miss this one in me own backyard, no. I have been excited about this for about two years now. Think I might have reached my excited nerd quotient already with it and I still have a year to go. Anyhow, can't wait.

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