Friday, August 25, 2006

Pardon me dilatory posting here...I wrote a little article unexpectedly this week (more or less done) that while self-contained nonetheless needed ffrantic ffluffing in every spare moment, of which there were few. Now it gets to percolate, thank god. I am not so much a writer as a re-writer, deep down.

Isn't it hilarious the way that people market cat food? They want it to look good, but NOT AS GOOD AS HUMAN FUD. There is a hilarious commercial for a new Fancy Feast product ("Elegant Medleys") "inspired by menus of the world's finest restaurants" that you can tell the *second* you look at it is for animals, despite the fact that at a quick glance it also looks like delicious human food. They couldn't bear to make it look quite appetizing to Us, so the sauce they pour on the salmon, which otherwise appears to be a nice place of fish a la Florentine, is a bizarre clear viscous liquid. Clearly Animal-Grade. And yet - appealing to human sensibilities in some barfy half-way fashion (do cats care about restaurants?). Fuckin hilarious.

If I lived in TN there is no way I could vote for Fred Thompson--he character was SO convincingly mean when he was on Roseanne. Just a little too good at playing a horrible man.

I saw Theresa Heinz (sp) the other day on TV and it felt WEIRD. *That's* what could-have-been. Wow. Felt impossible and far away and nice.

In the same spirit, I sometimes think I'd like to get inside Ann Coulter's insane head. Just to see what hamsters are powering the machine.

The oldest Hefner girlfriend on Girls Next Door *has* to be older than 31. No way those wrinkles match 31.

Too much ink spilled about Tom Cruise, nothing to say, except you get the sense that he (in the medial mogul world) violated the first commandment (had other gods before them). This a strange celebrity time, twixt him and Mel--different measuring sticks are being used, even as the ridiculousness goes further. Can't stand either, but it's still interestin.


demandra said...

Is there new Tom lunacy? Give me a link!

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