Monday, August 28, 2006

Fear of a Fat Planet.

My friend Damian (see sidebar) made this image/takeoff on the PE logo -- it always makes me giggle. Hilarious. Plus that sentence often finds cause to go a-ringing in my head. Very appropriate. Only about 19,000 news stories/headlines/goings-on I ran into this weekend that made me think it. Including the fact that:

I was talking to my friend Holly tonight and she confirmed something I had *thought* was true from commercials I had seen on TV, which is look at what the *!@#$%$^&^&$(%# they did to Mo'Nique on the cover of Phat Girlz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!??!?!?!??!! It looks like they PhotoShaved a good six sizes off of her--I have a hard time believing Mo'Nique approved that herself. Not to mention that the alternate cover isn't much better--she's slightly bigger but the theme of the image is worse. What the bloody hell. If Fox Home Entertainment can't get it together to show a fat girl something close to her real size on THIS DVD cover, then there's no hope. Idjits.

I am pondering...REAL bookcases. With glass fronts. I got fed up today watching my cat, for the millionth time, grip with her pointy claws the tops of some kids books that I just discovered are worth a lot of money preparatory to flinging herself off of them. It's not that I want to sell them--it's the opposite--life is hard enough on my buks, the objects I own I probably care the most about and actually try to take care of. Yes indeed, hard enough, with greasy fingers, late-night bathtub reads, and foldy paper corners. And freaking cats. There is something, though, about big, matching, glass front bookcases that feels like I'm really not old enough for them. Most purchases feel like that, and I get over it, but even the cheapest IKEA ones feels like a Brideshead-sized commitment. God, it'd be great, though. The other day Cat #2 knocked over my collected works of Saki from the 1920s and I almost busted a gut, if you can excuse me sounding like a precious old queeny gouty book-collecting lawyer. So maybe it's time.

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