Monday, July 03, 2006

A sluggitudinous weekend resulting in a cranky Monday with missed alarms and grey weather begging to be slept through! In! During!

This phenomenon guarantees that I quote from Prince in my head at least once a day (alarming). It's either: "They say there is nothing better / Than sleeping on a rainy day" (from "Gonna Be a Beautiful Night")--'cause it's true--or "Oh no motherfucker, not today" (from "The Pope"); the latter you say to the vending machine when it looks like it's not going to give up your pistachio nuts and they're dangling, caught in the machine, until you wrest them, victorious, from the curly grip by giving the machine a he-man push.

Ran into a few things I really enjoyed on TV this weekend: an interview with Mary Gordon on billmoyahs, for one, whom I always get confused (yes) with Gail Godwin (and did you know MG was married to Robert Starer? I used to play his piano pieces, I think), although I don't think I will any more, and it was pretty fascinating, I can't lie. More casual forays into reeeeeeeeligion on my part. Jebus talk; the threats of fundamentalism and consumerism. It was relevant. I enjoyed a documentary about Vincent Price, who needs to go on my list of people whose voices I love. His obviously became quite parodic early on, but it has astonishing, multiple timbres, of really wild textures, especially when you listen to early movies like Laura. It holds the threat of much more in its modulated tones. Frankly, he was downright hunky when he was young--very tall, arty, yum. I am related to him, I think. First cousin, sixteen times removed, or something. I also enjoyed watching The Heiress, except I can never remember how Washington Square turns out, so I had to keep reminding myself that it was Henry James and get ready for the bad ending. Chilly. And as part of my Saturday night falling into TCM, yes...I watched Gone With the Wind. Can't usually not, when it's on. I've written endlessly about the conflicted feelings watching this movie (which I do love) generates...not sure what there is to say now, except that I noticed when I flipped around to take a break that no black folk in Steel Magnolias say a word. Is it better to be wallpaper? Or characters of some roundness who are fundamentally stereotypes in the end? Don't think the answer lies in either of these films. Hattie McDaniel always used to say: "I'd rather play a maid than be one"--who knows.

I saw Mrs. Henderson Presents, which I thought was quite Go-Fluffy-od...Fluffed...Good/Fluffy...Fluuood. Good and fluffy. Whatever the waiting neologism would be. Interesting that Bob Hoskins stripped down...rather think he was trying to Make a Point there.

I was struck watching this movie and GWTW that all they have to say about war is defeated...does the current administration even watch *movies*? Evenif we are going to take our cue from the most superficial, the most outside-in, then it's still all saying the same thing:

Ashley Wilkes: "Most of the miseries of the world were caused by wars. And when the wars were over, no one ever knew what they were about."
Mrs. Henderson: "“When you lose a son in a war--no matter what others say--you know he’s died in vain.”

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