Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Two other things from Mildred Pierce last night. 1) I can't always get past the campiness of Zachary Scott--he's too much with his mustachios and swimming trunks and 2) I finally admitted a goodly part of my interest in Jack Carson (already spawned one 3K article, much cut down in my alumni mag): he was really hot. I know he was a dope and he used the slang that dated the fastest and sounds a little like a Simpson character but he was dreamy! He's so pretty in this film. Good to finally admit it. He so rarely got the girl in his films - gahwoo!

Because of the VA info scandal (I think), I found myself thinking today of the Ivy League posture photo scandal. That's one of those things you can't even believe really happened. Did I dream it? Was there really such a thing? Am I making this up? Because if there really were, wouldn't we still be talking about it? So unreal/real. Right, sure, somebody took photos of thousands of naked IvyLeaguers.

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