Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blah blah blippitiy blue blah touch me

* The thing about Dark Victory is--not a lot of middle ground. Either you're laughing at her unsuccessfully trying to light her cigarette because it dates badly or you're bawling, crying too hard to eat your Sushi Wabi chicken teriyaki and that is some brilliant chicken teriyaki. Although somehow the film gets you one way or another...the transition is slow and you're caught before you realize it. Hic. Geraldine Fitzgerald so beautiful, although too bad she has to be frumpygirl.

* Great new Bette doc on now--“Stardust”...her fav song. Oh how can you not love someone who loves that song. Me strings are twanging.

* There was a great quote in the lil TCM Better Davis interstitial I was too slow to write down last night. I'm not sure I believe it, but I love it. She was having lunch with a very young Ellen Burstyn and said to her (more or less): “My advice to you as a young actor at the beginning of an illustrious career is that you can't know who you are friends are but you can choose your enemies. And when you see them you walk up to them and say, 'You are my enemy.” And do you know how you will know your enemy? Anyone who gets in the way of your work.”

* I dragged an old television onto my desk at work last night and plugged headphones in to watch Gilmore Girls. First episode in a few weeks. Limp as hell! Total teaser for the limp teasing to come next week. Gawd.

* For years I've been trying to figure out if Muriel Rukeyser was related to Louis Rukeyser. And now that he's died...I still don't know.

* There was an otter documentary on last night...realigned my chakras. And so thoroughly Edward Gorey. Even some of those wacky giant Amazonian ones with the sad kohl-rimmed eyes. I could hardly stand watching the baby ones. And then there are all those expected moments when you reach for the remote: SEALS [click]; KILLER WHALES [click]; BOAT RUDDERS, GLOBAL WARMING, KELP BEDS DYING OFF [click click click]. Also hard to see sea otter's noses all red from being bitten while mating.

* More reasons to move to England: a country that takes calligraphy and otters seriously.

* I've said it before, I'll say it again: a great tonic for a bad day is to watch America's Funniest Animals or America's Funniest Home Videos--WITH THE SOUND OFF. Has to be off. For a few minutes. It helps.

* I really dislike Shakira's voice, esp in that new song. Singing out of the corner of her mouth. Twerty. Really hate it--isn't it weird the things that tap into your misanthropy--and the opposite? Very odd. I imagine disliking those who like her voice. How dopey is that.

* Not sure what I think of new Flaming Lips video where they tie donuts to Paris Hilton and let the cops chase her. I think I kinda like it.

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