Sunday, April 16, 2006

A semi-spectacularly secular Oster. Feeling kind of elegiac, actually, the exact-wrong feeling for the day. I miss Frank Sinatra. And I miss my grandfather. Now that I'm old enough to understand it I want to hear from him the story of throwing out the first ball at the Yankees game.

It probably hasn't helped that every 75 minutes or so I remember we're all about to die from a nuclear bomb hitting the US and I hear a noise in my head like a big cat keening and swiveling on its back legs then hitting the floor with its front paws in its cage as it picks up the pace of pacing back and forth.

I can't get lines from A Little Night Music out of my head:
"The evening air / Doesn't feel quite right... / In the not-quite glare / Of the not-quite night"

The Church of the Fonz on Family Guy was pretty hilar tonight. Totally hilar. I can't think of a thing to write about it that wouldn't be incredibly dorky, but...v. satisfying.

Last night's weird wakin-up-w-TV moment: waking up to a 'best of' Antiques Road Show thing where they were showing a range of chintzware, not only chintzware, but the pattern I have. Very confusing. Couldn't really figure out why items from my kitchen were on TV.

Natasha Bedingfield's music is the kind of earnestly-penned stuff I used to dream of when I was 16 in my bedroom--that kind of I-want-the-world-2-b-happy feel-the-rain-on-your-skin sobby horrible crap, down to the (gag me) choir in the background. I do love Daniel Bedingfield's "Gotta Get Through This," I thought it was one of the best blue-eyed s. songs last year, but I think the rest of his are pretty sappy--not sure. So I shouldn't compare them too hard.

I get bloated just watching Giada DeLaurentiis cook with so much cheese on her show...I wish there were more French-based cooking shows these days; most everything is Mediterranean. And as long as we're talking about cooking shows: Donna Dooher of the Cooking Class show looks like she wants to leap out and tear off people's faces underneath it all...never seen a fakier smile in my life. Or such a bunch of happy know-nothings in her class. Happy happy smile smile. Since you asked.

Sleeeeeeeeeepy. Recuperative. Cinematic.

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