Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More mid-night TV...

...I think there's a new hiphop show on midnight MTV. This time when I woke it was to the sounds of "Ladies First," and the right version--the radio edit with the chorus, not the LP version--and I got reallllllly happy. Freakin love that song. Love Monie Love love the Queen. One of my favorite songs. Woke up, got happy, fell back asleep. Little mid-morning lagniappes...of an insomniacal variety.

Careened through Playback last night in that spirit. Really is a kind of bad book, stands out among the seven, but even in it there is much atmosphere and style and a great feeling of being at the end of the line in Esmerelda, as it must have been in La Jolla. Read Playback, then some BPym, then a little bit of Little Me (been reading PDennis since I started last weekend), then a cookbook. Felt good. I have missed Fiction!

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