Saturday, April 15, 2006

love's the boy that stood on the burning deck

Well, Gilmore Girls continues its more or less entropic slide...despite good premises and set-ups, the show is failing to deliver. Last Tuesday sounded like it'd be pretty good from the spoilers (clearly shouldn't read those, need no expectations at all), but no.

The best thing is always when Kelly Bishop is on, as it was last week--she had the two best moments in the show--one, when she called a little girl an "it," and the other when unexpectedly called Lorelai out on her emotional cowardice, which made me do a little jig. It's not like she's not handed these lines -- she didn't make them up -- but there is something about that actress that she makes them completely her own. Not entirely how it is she does that except that she's certainly not shy about havin attention on her. Her voice is a little more grating than grand, but still--everyone else could be onscreen ranting and she's the person you'd watch peeling a grape. My best pal & I have started short-handing her as "Elizabeth Bishop" when we talk about her, stumbling for her name, and there *is* something obliquely perfect about that. Not that I can exactly see her reciting In the Waiting Room--it's just kind of...honorary. Hah. I should really see A Chorus Line and try to get a different version of Kelly Bishop in my head.

Oh my, I see she changed her named from Carole to Kelly in the middle of A Chorus Line. I wonder why. I am so lacking in fan-ful Information about her. Must get more. Looks like she was the "At the Ballet" char.

The one thing that really bothers me about her stint on GG is that if there were anything realistic about that show we would know her maiden name. It's so obvious that it's really starting to bother me.

Who would have guessed that the acquisition of basic cable would required such a *commitment* to Less Than Zero? Would I have guessed after seeing it one freezing cold night in Burnsville, MN, in college that it'd never quite go away?? Good golly. Very strange to have that constant reminder of at least the aesthetics of one's youth, if not one's experiences. Um, NO. I don't mean that prissily, I mean--it's still kind of hilarious watching 19-y-os be so...wrong--hard to explain. All I know is Robert Downey, Jr., is awfully good, but I wish he'd wash his crusty mouth.

Watched a THS (oy) about Chris Farley last night. He had *beautiful* eyes, don't think I noticed. They started to glow out at you from every pic after a while.

Not sure what to make of this U2 in the Episcopal church phenom. Has a slightly inevitable quality.

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