Monday, March 13, 2006

Should be working.

1. Mo'nique's new movie coming out April 7. YAY! Finally.

2. The Lisa Loeb I'm-Single show excruciating in expected ways for a show with expected mix of (well) Pure Excruciation & a little Too Close to Home. Sometimes she is a very annoying, not-very-talented Hockaday princess, sometimes...yeah, whatever. I feel guilty about dissing her (not her show), about dissing women with guitars, but I get frustrated with *whom* gets picked to be the token famous women musicians out there. Why not the more talented, interesting, older women...why always the Averil Levignes with the yooge budgets. Every guy I know still lusts after Miss Loeb in her cutie glasses...don't think they're buying her wispy albums, though.

3. Every single time when I've seen the beginning of a Real World season, I've been all appalled and oh oh oh how horrible how gen Y oh these shallow kids oh this is nassy oh man how coy I can't watch this oh oh pliz break down that paper-thin fourth wall oh oh, then...I get sucked in! Yes, indeed. So proud. Power of the soap opera.

Hard not to get sucked into how they're handling the anorexia "plotline" this time. Hard not to have a lot of reactions to it: boiled-over long-term frustration with the fact that they never show *any* diversity in body size on that show; disgust with them--with me--for watching this, because you *know* they're perfectly happy it happened, if they didn't outright plan it; frustration with how disingenuous the show is, when on the same episode that they deal with eating problems they zoom in on bikini-d body parts of other women on the show, which comes with frustration that nobody will say anything about that, nor will they note that the difference between the anorexic woman and the others is scant pounds or that when people leave the show they seem to universally get even skinnier; frustration with the fact that all this is is much less visually measurable by body size than anybody thinks and that there have been strong signs of eating problems on other shows, they just weren't addressed. And I'm sorry, Sharon on the London show didn't count.

I don't know WHY I expect fairness and justice in this context--it's stupid and pointless, but I guess it's producers' insistence that this represents real lives that leaves them open to criticism. They've backed off the color thing this time too...awfully pale cast altogether.

Okay, I feel better. I'm waiting for a fat girl Real World, though, I always will be.


Bak. 2. Salt. Mines.

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