Saturday, March 11, 2006


1. Finally saw the Actor's Studio with Dave Chappelle (two hours). It was completely hypnotic, as I had heard: my mouth was hanging open the whole time. Not always comfortable. Sometimes really funny. He has completely uncharted charisma when he turns it on (knew that). I could watch this but not the Oprah interview for some reason (Oprah). Good lord.

I had the sense at one point that he is Kurt Cobain. Not sure he's going to make it, even though he has more of the hubris/princeyness that CL used to talk about KC not having that would have saved him, in the face his exhausting Northern European fierceness.

Well, I hope it doesn't happen. The first time I ever saw Killing Them Softly, in DC in 2001 (hello DC), I laughed harder than I think I ever have in my life.

It's so fun to associate him with Yellow Springs - that is the place I had the fun I actually wanted to have as a late young adult. It was a really perfect place to hang out for a bored, lefty teenager: safe, insular, small, fun, places to hang out. Young's Dairy. In Columbus I had fun only occasionally and usually despite it (and everything else).

2. Okay, major good/bad movie to be taken apart soon if not now: Random Hearts with Harrison Ford & Kristin Scott Thomas. Even writing the title makes me giggle helplessly, despite it being the most serious film ever made. Damn. Not sure I'm in the mood for dissertation now, but soon.

Moving into major freelance deadlines: I will either be writing more than ever or sort of sporadically here.


octopoddish said...

How I love reading this stuff. It is like a glimpse into another world, because I live in this sort of weird pop-culture-free bubble where I walk my dog and write books and don't engage with any of this stuff. Reading you writing about it is like seeing it through the eyes of a particularly perspicacious alien -- and ONLY through those eyes, having no other input on the issues in question. I love it.

octopoddish said...

btw, that's me, prolixia. had to sign up for an account here b/c your account wasn't allowing nonblogger-account folks to comment. *love*

Elizabeth M. Tamny said...


I'm flattered--the ultimate form of contemporary compliment, that (getting new account) ;) - such a freakin pain to have so many IDs/passwords in this life...hehehehe.

I'm glad you like! I feel like it's pretty unforgiveably Ranty McSollipsy, but I guess the point is...Murder Must Out. *somebody* has to watch the TV that's just waiting to be, um, watched.

Do you know it always makes me happy to hear from you? It does. IT did just now. You're my Prolixia.